Southeast Asia Correspondent Based in Jakarta, Indonesia

I'm a five-time Emmy nominated video/audio/multimedia journalist covering Southeast Asia. I thrive when I’m in the trenches from the streets of major cities to remote villages without electricity and running water. I also train local television and digital video journalists in the region.

I covered Indonesia's recent presidential election. I've also spent significant time reporting from the Philippines, Malaysia and Myanmar where I was based for several years.

I've reported for international news outlets including Reuters Broadcast, CBC, Deutsche Welle, VOA, BBC, and NPR's "Only A Game." My assignments include covering the stateless Rohingya Muslim community, human trafficking syndicates that are enslaving hundreds of thousands of victims from across Asia, the 2022 presidential election in the Philippines and the Myanmar democracy movement's struggle against the military before as well as after the 2021 coup. I report on foreign affairs, social issues, politics, economics, natural disasters and human interest stories. I love producing character-driven stories that make complicated issues understandable. I earned a master's degree from Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism. I've traveled across Southeast Asia on board rickety buses, leaky riverboats and standing-room-only trains.

You can contact me at