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New Jersey Football Keeps Players Out Of Gangs

When the North Jersey Spartans huddle up in practice, they look like a lot of college football teams. But the Spartans are a club team made up of players who attend various colleges. The team was created to get players to go to school instead of working dead-end jobs or joining street gangs. The Spartans practice at a county park without a locker room, yard markers or even goal posts. And the story behind the players off the field is even more unusual. Justin Sessoms, a 20-year-old defensive l

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Brooklyn Nets Come Home

The bright sign of the Barclays Center on Flatbush Avenue glowed blue as a symbol of professional sports returning to Brooklyn. The new 18,000-seat, $1 billion arena is the home of the Brooklyn Nets, formerly of New Jersey, whose move has created quite a buzz in the borough. “I think it does wonders for Brooklyn,” said Chris Capobianco. Brooklyn had a major league team, the Dodgers, for more than 70 years. When the team left for Los Angeles in 1957, residents were largely working and middle cl